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About us

If you want to make your car unique, stylish and technically perfect – you are on the right way!

Tuning atelier «Marafet Avto» will let all your desires and ideas of upgrading, customizing, re-equipment, repairing and restoring your vehicle turn in reality. It can be an interior upholstery repairing of your custom vehicle, a VIP bus or a luxury van construction, a vintage car restoration or hot rod construction, either simply an old motorbike restoration or brake pads replacement, as well as an electric system diagnostics – we will fix anything with pleasure and professionalism!

A wide spectrum of our services in customizing, tuning, restoration and maintenance is due to our perennial experience.

We specialize in luxury bus interiors, camper vans and trucks, vintage car and motorcycle restoration, hot rod and custom construction, boat and yacht interiors etc.

Our main areas are:
> customizing and tuning of luxury interiors (leather upholstery, noise insulation, comfort seats installation) for a car, bus, van, yacht, jet or a helicopter etc.;
> service and maintenance (multi-brand cars and bikes);
> full cycle restoration, service and renewal of oldtimers and vintage cars and motorbikes;
> design, project creation and complex manufacturing of luxury vans, buses, campers, and also units and mechanisms under your specific requirements which can be fitted in on your own;
> production of custom metal constructions (automobile, motorcycle, yacht, jet or helicopter etc.).



Contact us on:

Viber: +380504466393
Whats App: +380504466393
e-mail: marafetavto@gmail.com

Our location:
Kyiv, Ukraine
Izyumska str, 5-a
GPS:50.412807, 30.515892